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AutoVue for SharePoint

Fully Integrated Document Viewing for SharePoint Users

  • Viewer for SharePoint

    AutoVue for SharePoint adds the powerful document visualization capabilities of Oracle’s AutoVue solutions to the Microsoft SharePoint platform and includes support for over 300 formats including Office, PDF, computer-aided design (CAD) documents such as ACAD, Bentley MicroStation, Unigraphics, CATIA, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Co-Create, Inventor and ECAD formats, Zuken, Allegro, Mentor Graphics and more…

    By integrating SharePoint and AutoVue these applications create an efficient document view and collaboration platform that enables crucial information to be accessible to all stakeholders and non-CAD users alike, streamlining document view and reviews, capturing change and controlling the printing and record keeping processes, enabling a move to a paperless environment.

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    No need for expensive desktop applications or costly conversions

    By handling documents natively, AutoVue with SharePoint allows users to open, view, and review original documents without undergoing costly and error-prone conversions.

    Because file conversion is not required, the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple client-side viewers and server-side conversion systems is eliminated, along with the tedious task of maintaining a double set of data such as the original document and the converted/neutral file.

    Users can be confident that they are always working with the latest version of a file, and that business decisions are based on accurate information.

    View, Mark-up and Print in context of SharePoint

    Using AutoVue to view documents stored in SharePoint, users can also add digital markups and annotations to deliver feedback and comments.  These markups are created as distinct overlays on top of the original file and saved directly into the SharePoint repository.  Reviewers can then review all the markups and annotations associated with a given document, and turn markup layers on and off as needed, selecting only those that they want to view.

    Share Documents Securely

    AutoVue with SharePoint delivers instant and secure access to original documents without leaving a document footprint on the client’s machine. AutoVue for SharePoint is structured so that the original document, with its proprietary data, is never transferred to the client machine. Only a rendering of a document is transmitted to the client for viewing and mark-up, thereby safeguarding valuable intellectual property and improving the delivery of large CAD files over distributed networks. All mark-ups and annotations are directly saved into SharePoint as a different layer so that the integrity of the original document is maintained.

    Empower your users with features that save time and money with comparison of document versions
    Using AutoVue and SharePoint users can easily access and compare different versions of a document instantly identifying the changes that may have occurred through the revision process and capturing change.


    SharePoint users can instantly see the differences between document versions

    AutoVue for SharePoint and Primavera P6, Contracts Manager & Unifier, enables paperless document control

    Document view, review, markup and controlled printing is a requirement in all phases of project-intensive businesses whether designing, building or operating. Oracle’s Primavera delivers a platform to effectively plan, manage, and control complex projects and project portfolios.

    Integrating Oracle’s AutoVue enhances Primavera solutions by enabling view and mark-up of engineering, asset, building and contract documents, allowing all stakeholders to digitally collaborate on project documents in the appropriate business context, for improved review and approval, compliance and change and faster and accurate decisions all expediting project execution.

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    AutoVue enables users to view, annotate, and collaborate on documents without requiring the expensive desktop applications and without altering the original document directly from Primavera Contract Manager, P6 or Unifier.

    AutoVue, Primavera P6, Primavera Contracts Manager and Unifier enable document repositories to be used for document control and contract management, uniting existing applications and providing collaborative capability with over 300 file formats directly from within P6, Contracts Manager or Unifier.

    Expedite Review and Approvals and Provide Secure Record Keeping

    Using AutoVue Primavera and content repositories to view, markup and print documents linked to P6, Contract Manager or Unifier, users can add digital markups and annotations to deliver feedback and comments. These markups are created as distinct overlays on top of the original file and saved directly into the content repository for compliance and availability to all.

    Internal and external stakeholders, Team members, suppliers, partners, and customers can access, view, and mark up any document and share information regardless of geographical location, technical skills or document types in use.
    Document and process owners can review all the markups and annotations associated with a given document or workflow, and turn markup layers on and off as required, and create PDF/A records for transmittal processes and record keeping purposes.

    Primavera P6, Primavera Contracts Manager and Unifier customers can now deliver a Paperless Environment for Document Control

    Using AutoVue with P6, PCM, Unifier and content repositories, organizations can eliminate the need for paper with digital review and markup, workflow integration and intelligent stamping using the meta-data from Primavera applications and the content repository.

    Additionally document controllers and manager can batch process sets of documents for submittals and transmittals and combine output to single PDF files to improve and package the output processes.

    Easily Apply Watermarks and Intelligent Stamps using the Meta Data from Primavera Products and SharePoint.


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Sharepoint Viewer is a document viewer for Microsoft Sharepoint and uses Oracle AutoVue as its viewer. All copyrights to Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation are acknowledged. The AutoVue for Sharepoint Viewer middleware solution and its Intellectual Property is the property of Lifecycle Technologies Limited.

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