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  • AutoVue Enables Paperless Environments

    In today’s sophisticated IT world, paper based processes are no longer required. AutoVue in conjunction with a document system such as SharePoint enables business processes that are traditionally paper based to be processed electronically.

    This is achieved by embedding AutoVue into an organisations business processes providing a fully electronic, end to end set of functionality, so users never have to print again.
    AutoVue supports the complete document lifecycle from receipt through to compliant digital long term archiving.

    Discussed below is a high level full document lifecycle
    If your organisation happens to be in an industry where you receive packs of documents for review and approval such as engineering and construction it is important that you are able to get the documents registered into the document management system automatically.

    Document Receipt
    AutoVue has the ability to extract meta data from documents and pass this to the document management system / SharePoint to populate the record. This can be simple meta data or information that may reside in a CAD drawing border.

    When a document or set of documents has been received AutoVue is also able to intelligently stamp the documents in batch using the meta data from SharePoint, ensuring the documents are under control and proving an auditable stamp that can burnt into a PDF/A for long term archive if required.
    Document Review

    Using AutoVue users can review electronically just about any native document format. Interrogate and make comparisons, which enables users to easily and instantly see the differences. This is especially productive when dealing with large format CAD files where complexity can be overwhelming.

    Workflow, Review and Approval

    SharePoint workflow is key tool to automate the routing and review process around the organisation. AutoVue can be launched from a task element making the review process easy and simple to activate. AutoVue differs from most applications as it allows the simultaneous review of documents, literally 100’s of people can review and comments at the same time.

    Security, Redlining and Mark-up
    AutoVue for SharePoint does not download any part of the file so the documents are always kept in SharePoint, protecting sensitive information and protecting intellectual property. This also allows work from home and legal organisations to have peace of mind that there data is secure.
    AutoVue simply streams the file through the web browser and when a user creates a mark-up or comment, it stores these centrally in a secure container in SharePoint. AutoVue never alters the original file.   

    Intelligent Stamps
    AutoVue has a concept of intelligent stamps which can take meta data from SharePoint and generate a dynamic stamp. This stamp not only has intelligence in its dynamic creation, but can also be used to complete a workflow or drive other business processes such as a conversion or rendition.

    Consolidating review processes as a Document Controller / Manager
    With the right credentials and respecting the authorisations of SharePoint, AutoVue enables users to take many comments and consolidate them into a final review comment state. Users, colours, layers and other filtering allows the consolidator to work efficiently with the status of the document also driving the creation of a PDF/A compliant document.

    Batch Mode

    It is common to want to complete document processing in batch mode. In working with a number of clients Lifecycle Technology have developed a process accelerator tool which is particularly productive for industries where it is common place to work with packs of information such as Transmittals, Submittals, RFI’s, Contracts and CAD drawings.
    The Lifecycle Technology Process Accelerator is a simple add-on for AutoVue and provides a new level of productivity. AutoVue has very rich functionality for working with digital documents and the Process Accelerator from Lifecycle Technology enables a more fluid way to work with multiple documents.
    This tool can used in conjunction with a document management system such as SharePoint or other systems or with industry specific tools such as Primavera Contract Manager, Primavera P6 and Unifier.

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Sharepoint Viewer is a document viewer for Microsoft Sharepoint and uses Oracle AutoVue as its viewer. All copyrights to Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation are acknowledged. The AutoVue for Sharepoint Viewer middleware solution and its Intellectual Property is the property of Lifecycle Technologies Limited.

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