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Mark-up and Comment

Add Comments and Notations to Thousands of File Types

  • AutoVue Intelligent Mark-up Tools

    AutoVue has a full set of redline and mark-up capabilities enabling organisations to provide an integrated application that is scalable and secure. You may wonder what scalability has to do with mark-ups? AutoVue has a concept of layers and colours to help you organise the different teams of stakeholders which simplifies the process of review. Additionally AutoVue has intelligent stamps which pull the meta data from SharePoint and other systems to provide an auditable record that is linked to the security of the document management system.

    Mark-up Tools

    • Save markups independently of the associated document and preserve the integrity of the original information
    • Create multiple markup files for any document
    • Define multiple markup layers, per markup file
    • Turn markup layers on and off as needed
    • Load several markup files at once, or selectively, and set which markup file or layer will be active
    • Print markups along with the document
    • Comprehensive selection of markup entities, line, shape, graphical and textual markup entities, as well as attachments and OLE objects
    • Point-and-click edit and resize markup entities
    • In-place editing of markup entity properties, such as line weight, style and color; text font, size and color; text strings and captions
    • Sticky note editor import and export content, with a full complement of text attributes, paragraph formatting, and clip-board functions
    • Enable digital sign-off Quickly approve markups and comments with digital sign-off. The sign-off stamp contains information about the markup author, date and time of creation, providing a reliable trail of changes and approvals
    • Organize symbol markup entities in symbol libraries. Browse, preview, and drag-and-drop symbols from libraries onto the active markup layer. All graphical formats supported by AutoVue can be imported into existing or new symbol libraries
    • Attach sound, video, and graphics to markup files, allowing teams to include additional information like instructions or how-to videos for downstream departments
    • Manage and track markups. Markups can be filtered by author, page, entity type or layer, making it quick and easy to display, sort, manage and track reviewers comments and annotations
    • Consolidate markup files for simplified management or archiving purposes
    • Electronically sign and stamp document sets with attributes from the back-office system with AutoVue’s Intellistamp

    Mark-up Types

    • Regular markup files can be edited by anyone viewing them
    • Read-only markup files may only be edited by the author
    • Master markup files are automatically loaded as a document is opened for viewing. Only the author has editing privileges of the Master Markup. This is useful to alert team members to new critical information about the file
    • Consolidated markup files Select two or more markup files associated with a given document and combine them into a single file. Centralize change requests, comments, and instructions from workgroup members

    AutoVue Markup Entities

    AutoVue provides a comprehensive set of markup entities that allow users to collaborate on hundreds of different file formats by adding graphical or textual information to a document and without altering a files original content.

    2D Markup Entities:

    • Arc–draws an arcBox–draws an outlined box
    • Circle–draws an outlined circle
    • Cloud–draws a closed multi-lobed cloud shape
    • Filled Box–draws an opaque filled box
    • Freestyle Draw–a continuous irregular line follows the path of the cursor
    • Highlight–draws a transparent filled polygon in the current selected color
    • Leader–draws an arrowhead connected to a polyline and associate it with text
    • Text–creates text directly viewable on the loaded document
    • Line–draws a straight line
    • Polyline–draws a broken multi-segmented line, composed of two or more connected straight lines
    • Sticky Note–Include large textual markups in sticky notes with full text editor capabilities
    • Symbol–inserts a symbol from a symbol library
    • OLE–inserts an OLE object (from the set of OLE objects available by the applications installed on the users computer)
    • Attachment–inserts text, audio or video files
    • Measurements–Measurements on a part or assembly can be saved in a markup and rotated with the model
    • Sign-off–creates an approval stamp containing information about the markup author, date and time of creation
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Sharepoint Viewer is a document viewer for Microsoft Sharepoint and uses Oracle AutoVue as its viewer. All copyrights to Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation are acknowledged. The AutoVue for Sharepoint Viewer middleware solution and its Intellectual Property is the property of Lifecycle Technologies Limited.

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