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  • Sharepoint Viewer Document Markup

    In addition to comprehensive viewing capabilities, AutoVue viewer for Sharepoint delivers digital markup and annotation capabilities that allow team members, suppliers, and customers to collaborate on digital product and asset information. Team members can communicate feedback, change requests, comments, and instructions in an effective and timely manner, through markups and real time collaboration.

    AutoVue viewer for Sharepont markups are created as separate files and linked to the associated document. These markups are saved as distinct layers on top of the original file, which remains intact and is never altered.

    Markup files can be stored on a local drive, network drive, or in Content Management, Product Lifecycle Management or Enterprise Resource Planning systems, making them available to other users. This ability to capture and store digital comments and feedback within the appropriate context, greatly facilitates the review process and allows organizations to capture a reliable audit trail of all change requests, decisions and approvals.

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Sharepoint Viewer is a document viewer for Microsoft Sharepoint and uses Oracle AutoVue as its viewer. All copyrights to Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation are acknowledged. The AutoVue for Sharepoint Viewer middleware solution and its Intellectual Property is the property of Lifecycle Technologies Limited.

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