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  • Integrate AutoVue into your Workflow

    AutoVue and SharePoint working together supports the integration of workflow seamlessly. When a user receives a task from SharePoint or triggered by other systems such as Primavera they simply click the task item and AutoVue will respond by loading the file and opening in either review mode or mark-up mode depending on the task type. Additionally once the user has completed his review and he inserts a stamp or saves the mark-up the SharePoint task will automatically complete.

    This workflow can also drive an AutoVue background process to convert the file to a PDF/A or other format for record keeping.

  • AutoVue for
    SharePoint 2013
    Autovue for
    SharePoint video
    Primavera and
    Sharepoint video
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Sharepoint Viewer is a document viewer for Microsoft Sharepoint and uses Oracle AutoVue as its viewer. All copyrights to Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation are acknowledged. The AutoVue for Sharepoint Viewer middleware solution and its Intellectual Property is the property of Lifecycle Technologies Limited.

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